How to Conduct a Monthly One-on-One Meeting with Your Employees

The standard for manager-employee coaching is the monthly one-on-one meeting. The purpose of this 30-minute get-together is for managers to learn how employees are progressing on their yearly goals and for employees to receive the support they need from their managers in order to reach those goals. Monthly one-on-one meetings are different from the daily interactions that managers have with their employees. Daily communications tend to focus on tasks, projects, issues and crises; in other words, short-term priorities. Monthly one-on-one meetings focus on longer-term priorities that are important for the employee, team, department and company. The following techniques will help you to maximize the time you spend with your employees in your monthly one-on-one meetings:

  1. Focus on the employees’ objectives. Every employee should have a combination of performance, developmental and stretch objectives for the year. Each objective should be written so that there is a result, measurement and timeline. The monthly meeting should be to discuss both the employees’ progress and challenges in reaching those objectives.
  2. Refer to the employees’ latest performance review during each monthly meeting. The performance review highlights employees’ strengths and weaknesses, as well as their track record in achieving goals. This information will help you to identify the employees’ habits and patterns of behavior.
  3. Refer to your company’s competency model during each monthly meeting. When discussing the employees’ progress and challenges, identify the knowledge, skills and attitudes the employees’ need to be successful in meeting their yearly targets. This is your opportunity to coach your employees on those competencies.
  4. Give your employees the direction and support they need to be successful based on their progress, challenges and level of competency.

Focus on scheduling a one-on-one meeting with your employees this month.

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One Comment on “How to Conduct a Monthly One-on-One Meeting with Your Employees”

  1. Richard Lacasse Says:

    We know these things and it’s nice to be reminded how important these meetings should be and ARE! We sometimes get boggled down with the day to day routine and crisis and think that we don’t have time to invest a 30 minutes in the people that make us (the managers) look good. Thank you!


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